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Unlocking the Mystery, Vol. 5 CBD’s Naughty Little Secret

Unlocking the Mystery, Vol. 5 CBD’s Naughty Little Secret

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The Endocannabinoid System: Unlocking the Mystery, Vol. 5
CBD’s Naughty Little Secret


Did you hear the rumor about CBD? You’ll never believe it, not after the super-wholesome image the compound has cultivated for itself over the past decade. All this time, CBD propped itself up as the clean-cut, straight-laced cannabinoid you could take home to Mom. We were wrong and the truth has been exposed. CBD is promiscuous.


That’s OK, though. We don’t judge. It’s 2020, after all. You do you, CBD


As it turns out, promiscuity can actually be a really good thing on the molecular level and CBD is a perfect case in point. The fact that it’s a promiscuous molecule means that it can interact with and affect more than just the receptors of the endocannabinoid system (ECS.) It can get around.


CBD’s Extracurricular Activities 


According to the latest studies, CBD not only interacts with the ECS, but can also play a role in regulating your serotonin receptors. First, it acts as a moderate agonist (fancy science term for “creates a medium-sized effect”) at the 5HT1 receptor. That’s the receptor that regulates things like sleep, anxiety, nausea and addiction, to name a few. 


Second, is its role as an antagonist at the 5H2A receptor, yet another serotonergic connection point that plays a part in the regulation of anxiety, stress, and the associated headaches. It also has a part in psychedelic experiences, but let’s not go too far down the rabbit hole. 


Researchers believe these interactions are a major factor in why CBD has been so widely hailed for its anti-anxiety and anti-psychotic properties. However, once again, it’s effect at the 5H2A receptor is perceived to be relatively weak. 


It’s a Big Picture Compound


This is why we continually compare CBD to the guy picking the lock as opposed to THC’s role as the copy of the key; it can’t just go straight to one receptor, fit perfectly and dictate a response. To be effective, it has to spread out, find multiple alternate routes, and generate an effect through a widespread, collective effort. 


The more we dive into this amazingly beneficial and versatile plant, the more we realize how little we know about the universe teeming within. We are barely scratching the surface of the possibilities, but thanks to the shifting laws governing the plant, we are able to learn just a little more each day. Keep following us for more posts like this as we continue to unravel the mysteries of the world’s oldest natural remedy. 


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