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Organabus Review: Pet CBD Hemp Oil

Organabus Review: Pet CBD Hemp Oil

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Organabus Review of the Week!
Katherine says, "I thought I was going to have to put down my old dog sometime in the next year. I didn't really believe the hype about Pet CBD...until now. I figured what did I have to lose by trying. A month later, my dog can go up and down stairs, jumps on and off furniture, plays with my other dog like a puppy, runs around the yard, and doesnt need to be carried everywhere anymore. I will never stop giving this to my dog and I am so grateful for the life it gave back to my old lady dog.
She had horrible skin issues, would chew herself bloody. Vet said she’d need steroids….not anymore. Her fur is growing in thick and soft and she doesnt chew herself, ever."
Thank you Katherine for your review and we are beyond thrilled that your fur baby is doing so well!
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100 MG CBD Pet Hemp Salmon Oil Tincture

100 MG CBD Pet Hemp Salmon Oil Tincture


100 MG CBD (3oz) Salmon oil Pet Tincture Organabus hemp pet oil is made with organic CBD that has been known to provide relief for joint & muscle pain and calm anxiety & nausea.  The hemp oil is blended with… read more


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